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Vision Loss From Uremia Gets Treated In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

2015-12-25 02:46

Vision Loss From Uremia Gets Treated In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease HospitalWe often take an examination in Ophthalmology when we have vision loss and blurred vision. However, many patients with uremia can also suffer from eye problems. Vision loss has close relation with kidney health.

A patient with vision loss has taken many checkups in Ophthalmology but cannot find the cause. Under the suggestion of a doctor, he takes a checkup in Urology department. The result shocks him. He has suffered from uremia accompanied with high blood pressure. So he begins dialysis treatment.

After three months of treatment, the curative effect is not ideal. He comes to our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for Chinese Medicine Treatment.

First, our doctor tells him how vision loss is caused by uremia. Diseased kidneys cannot remove toxins from your body, causing toxic accumulation. Toxic accumulation can damage every body organ and affect retina, causing vision loss and even blindness. High blood pressure in uremia can also affect retina and lead to blurred vision.

When you have vision loss, you should take checkups in Ophthalmology and Urology department so as to find the underlying cause and avoid missing the best treatment time.

Second, our doctors apply Blood Pollution Therapy to treat his vision loss. This therapy can first discharge toxins from your body to provide a good environment for repairing kidney damage. Blood Pollution Therapy can also supply some nutrients such as vitamin B, amino acid and organic acid to meet your body needs. More importantly, Blood Pollution Therapy can rebuild kidney function through stimulating kidney inherent cells’ self-healing ability and supplying enough nutrients and oxygen by normal blood circulation.

Now this patient’s condition has got well controlled. He is on the way to get rid of dialysis. Three times of dialysis has been reduced to twice a week. Gradually he will avoid dialysis and live a normal life.

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