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Blood Pollution Therapy

What is blood pollution therapy?

How is blood pollution therapy created?

What is the process of blood pollution therapy?

Why do more and more kidney disease patients prefer this therapy

What is blood pollution therapy?

It is a great breakthrough in treating kidney disease. As its name indicates, blood pollution therapy starts from treating patients’ polluted blood instead of kidney lesion, when it is used to treat kidney disease.

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How is blood pollution therapy created?

This depends on the link between blood circulation and kidney. Normally, the blood in our body is responsible for transporting nutritions and oxygen to various orangs as well as kidney, while kidneys are in charge of purifying blood to remove waste products and toxins from the body. However, when harmful substances such as inflammatory factors and immune complexes attack blood circulation, less and less nutrition and oxygen can be transported to kidney cells, leading to kidney damage. Then, kidneys can’t cleanse blood adequately. As a result, blood circulation and kidney falls into a vicious circle.

How is blood pollution therapy created?

In view of this, kidney experts believe the polluted blood is the root cause of kidney disease. Since September 2012, numerous kidney experts work together. Finally, they create this therapy in this year.

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What is the process of blood pollution therapy?

Since the abnormal blood circulation is the fundamental cause of kidney disease, blood pollution therapy, starting with cleansing polluted blood, is divided into 3 processes.

1. Combine different blood purification methods to purify blood

The core technology of this period is to comprehensively adopt different blood purification methods to thoroughly remove wastes products, clogged materials and toxins, both in blood vessels and adhering to vascular walls. In this process, Immune adsorption, plasma exchange, CRRT, hemofiltration and hemoperfusion, etc, may be used according to patients’ specific condition.

2. Supply elements to blood

Based on the damaging condition of each kind of hemocyte and the damaging degree of blood coagulation, hematopoiesis, secretion and metabolism mechanism, kidney experts can determine which elements should be added into patients’ blood.

After the above two processes, patients’ blood circulation can be normalized successfully, thus providing a good basis for the following treatment.

3. Rebuild kidney function

The key point of this process is to recover the kidney function, depending on the kidney inherent cells’ self-curative ability and enough nutritions and oxygen supplied by normal blood circulation.

In addition, this process is aimed at making sure the blood won’t be unhealthy again, and the various kinds of normal operating mechanism won’t be damaged , in order to pave a good way for the repair of the injured renal inherent cells.

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Why do more and more kidney disease patients prefer this therapy?

This is because blood pollution therapy, compared with previous therapies, has the following superiorities:

1. Clear and Definite Treating direction

Kidney experts locate the treating emphasis into the unhealthy blood, of which the direction is to restore the physiological mechanism and hemopoietic system of the human body and the object is

to recover the kidney function.

2. Flexible Treatment Schedule

The doctors are obliged to keep a close eye to the change of the blood condition, and adjust the treatment schedule in accordance with the changes of patients’ illness condition timely.

3. Various treating methods

During the therapeutic process, we use different treatment options such as blood purification methods, blood activation methods, the stasis removing technology, the blood elements regulating technology, the elements supplementing technology, Chinese medical technology and western medical technology.

4. Original creation of brand-new technology

The Therapy is significantly characterized in the innovation of drugs combination during the process of blood purification, which has been proven to be effective in the clinical practice.

5. High Standard of Recovery

During the process of blood pollution therapy, neither the clinical cure nor the repair of renal lesions are emphasized by us, let alone the disappearance of the clinical symptoms. On the contrary, we set the recovery standard of the kidney disease on the restoration of hematopoiesis mechanism and coagulation mechanism. Therefore, the therapy is highly honored as “the real fundamental therapy” by lots of patients.


Blood pollution therapy aims at treating kidney disease from its root cause. This is why it has so obvious and persistent curative effect. Until now, more and more kidney disease patients have got great benefits from this relatively new therapy. Even though some patients haven’t heard this therapy , we believe all of them will have a desire to try it in the near future.

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