Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Since 1986, our hospital has been committed to delivering standard-setting medical care. As one of the largest kidney disease specialized hospital in China, our hospital continues its tradition of excellence today. Our hospital covers an area of 48,000 acres and the building area is 46,000 m2. With capacity of admitting more than 1,000 patients, we offer high-quality care and service to patients from all over the world.
So far we have treated kidney disease patients from more than 64 countries and after our systematic treatment, a combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine, they receive obvious treatment effects in short term. More importantly, all the medicines are used on the basis of lots of scientific experiements and this guarantee the safety of the systematic treatment to them.

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Patients Story

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Kidney disease is an illness that not only affects life quality, but also shorten our life span. We are glad to help anyone with kidney problem to combat this illness by providing them alternative treatment. Here are some successful cases. Hopt it can help you and meanwhile many thanks to these who'd like to share their story with us.

Particular Therapy

Timely diagnosis and treatment allow us to bring illness under control earlier. However, even if your illness has developed to kidney failure stage, please do not give up easily, as you are very likely to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant with the following medical therapies.

Living Condition

It is our great honor to help people suffering from kidney disease. We will surely try our best to provide them with our best service and treatment effects.

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