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Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM)

What are the Advantages of Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM)

What are the Disadvantages of Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM)

What are the side effects of TCM

What are the Advantages of Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) have thousands of years history in China and it is the precious heritage of Chinese culture.It has great advantages compared with Western treatments. According to the Chinese medical concept, doctors will arrange the patient to take the Chinese herbal medicines and at the same time, combine with some Chinese external therapies, such as acupuncture, massage, and medicated bath, etc.

These measures are effective for the recovery of patients' diseases. They have such functions as diuresis, adjustment of immune systems, improvement of the renal function and excretion function, etc. What is more they will cause few side effects and the patients will not become dependent on the medicines.

The main function of TCM is to regulate and balance various disorders and imbalances in the body and build up physical strength, therefore long term proper intake of certain Chinese medicines can not only cure diseases but also can make people stronger and healthier.

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What are the Disadvantages of Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM)

However, due to the restriction of means of preparation, the effective ingredients in the medicines cannot overflow fully, so the efficacy of the drugs are much weakened, even if supplemented by external therapies, such as acupuncture, massage and medicated bath, the disease is still hard to control, and the disease condition always seems to be on and off and the disease is difficult to cure.

Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine is usually taken orally after water decocting, but the effective ingredients in the medicines are hard to fully spilled by water decocting, and there are also many disadvantages of taking medicines orally, for example, long-term intake of medicines could stimulate the stomach, and consume large amount of gastric juice, so patients may feel nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. Even after these medicines enter into the body, they can not be fully absorbed due to the low solubility to the effective ingredients. Due to these reasons, traditional Chinese medicines are also unable to conquer the kidney diseases just like the Western medicines.

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What are the side effects of TCM

Though Traditional Chinese Medicines have relatively fewer side effects compared with western medicines, they do cause some damages to the body when used improperly or abused blindly. Therefore the medicine formula and the dosage of every medicine should be under guidance of professional physician.

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