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What Does Stage 4 CKD Mean to My Health

2014-10-24 16:02

What Does Stage 4 CKD Mean to My HealthIn the early stage of kidney disease, there are few symptoms and the symptoms are so slight that people often ignore them. That is why when you realize you have kidney disease, it has developed to stage 3 or stage 4. “I have Stage 4 CKD. What does it mean to my health?” Do you have the similar doubt?

Let’s learn more about stage 4 CKD.

Kidney is a filter. In stage 4 CKD, there is a severe decrease in the GFR so that massive waste build up in the blood. Besides, the diseased kidneys can not secrete enough hormones to make red blood cells, balance electrolytes in the blood, etc. All in all, the blood system is affected a lot of kidney disease. From this point of view, CKD is also a kind of blood disease.

With stage 4 CKD, you will have symptoms, for example, fluid retention, foamy urine, kidney pain, shortness of breath, bad breath, nausea, skin itch, loss of appetite, etc. Though the kidneys manage to sustain the normal function of body, you have to prepare for the kidney replacement treatment, such as dialysis and kidney transplant, because stage 4 CKD develops to ESRD quickly.

Stage 4 CKD does not only affect your health, but also your life.

With stage 4 CKD, you have to take prescribed medicines to control symptoms. But these medicine often have many side effects. You have to follow a renal-friendly diet, which may refrain you from enjoying various food. Besides, you may have to give up some sports you like, such as football, basketball and other strenuous sports.

How to prevent stage 4 CKD from going ESRD?

Conventional treatment is to control symptoms. But it usually can not stop the progression. Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital develops a set of treatment that aims at solving the blood problems, which helps set up a good blood environment for kidney self-healing. This treatment includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Mai Kang and decoction. They can cleanse toxins from the blood. They can also dilate blood vessels and speed up blood circulation to remove blood stasis and increase blood flow into the kidneys. Moreover, they can supplement the essential nutrients such as trace elements, vitamins and amino acids to speed up the recovery. With comprehensive treatment, the damaged kidneys can regain their ability and you can live a normal life.

Stage 4 CKD impairs your health. Early treatment can help you preserve more kidney function. With the help of online doctor, you will learn more information.

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