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Can My Kidney Function of 40% Be Reversed

2014-12-04 03:40

Can My Kidney Function of 40% Be ReversedKidney is a very important organ in our body, when it fails to work, you will have many symptoms, such as foamy urine, swelling, nausea, vomiting, skin itch, fatigue, etc. Sometimes its complications such as heart failure threaten your life. That is why many patients to look for treatment to improve kidney function. Can my kidney function of 40% be reversed?

You can still recover part kidney function with proper treatment.

When bacteria or virus come into your body, antibodies will combine with them, leading to immune complexes. Kidneys are responsible for cleansing them out of the body. But for some people, their kidneys can not cleanse them timely, which may deposit in the kidneys, leading to kidney inflammation. Over time, inflammatory tissues become fibrosis so as to affect kidney function.

Now in your kidneys, there are three kinds of kidney tissues, namely intact ones, inflammatory ones and fibrotic ones. Once your kidneys become fibrosis, no treatment can revive them. But the inflammatory ones can recover with proper treatment.

What treatment can help you recover kidney function?

Immunosuppressants can help you inhibit kidney inflammation so as to protect kidney function, but those immune complexes are still in the kidneys. Some inducements may trigger them and worsen your disease. If you want to cease inflammation, you should remove them from the kidneys. The active ingredients of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can decompose immune complexes into small molecules, which can be cleansed easily. This therapy can also dilate vascular and remove stasis to increase blood flow into the kidneys so as to improve ischemia and anoxia. And it provides the inflammatory tissues with essential nutrients, such amino acids, vitamins and trace elements to speed up their recovery. After a period of treatment, your kidney function will improve.

Kidney function 40% means you are in stage 3 kidney disease. Receiving treatment early helps you restore more kidney function and lives a normal life.

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