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What Treatment Can Increase Low GFR 31

2014-11-13 05:56

What Treatment Can Increase Low GFR 31GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) 31 is a very low level which signifies CKD stage 3 in medicine. GFR describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney. Low GFR means kidneys fail to filter blood well, which is always accompanied with buildup of toxins in blood. Well, for people with low GFR 31, what treatment can be used to increase it?

In our hospital, low GFR is improved with Chinese medicine which woks by:

1. Increasing bloodstream in kidney

GFR measures the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney. Low GFR means kidneys filter less blood in unit time. Under such a condition, not only blood can not be cleansed timely, but also kidney tissues fail to get enough oxygen and nutrient from blood. By increasing bloodstream in kidney, blood that pass through kidney in united time will be increased, as a result of which, GFR increases. Moreover, residual kidney tissues can get oxygen and necessary nutrient to work well.

2. Dilating blood vessels

Active ingredients in some Chinese medicines can dilate blood vessels. By doing this, blood circulation in the body, including renal blood circulation, can be promoted greatly, which can help to protect kidney and other internal organs.

3. Repairing injured kidney tissues

Kidney works through different kidney tissues. When some of them fail to function properly, kidney function declines, which presents as decline of GFR. When injured kidney tissues are repaired, kidneys will be able to filter much more blood in unit time. Consequently, GFR becomes higher.

For people with low GFR 31, if they fail to prevent further kidney damages, GFR will keep declining. CKD is divided into 5 stages according to GFR. GFR 31 means stage 3 and stage 5 is diagnosed when GFR decreases to be lower than 15. At that time, dialysis or kidney transplant is needed for life safety. Therefore, the best way to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant is to increase kidney function and increase GFR.

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