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What To Do To Keep Stage 3 Kidney Disease Healthy

2014-06-08 07:08

What To Do To Keep Stage 3 Kidney Disease HealthyKidney disease has five stages and stage 3 kidney disease indicates kidney function has been damaged moderately. In this stage, if you take treatment, you have a great chance to reverse kidney function. So what to do to keep stage 3 kidney disease healthy?

1. Eat healthily

In general, kidney disease patients should eliminate minerals like sodium, phosphorus and magnesium, because these products are difficult for kidneys to process and workload on the body and kidneys when they pile up in the bloodstream. Also the diet should regulate the protein intake and include various of fruits, grains and vegetables. Foods with saturated fat and cholesterol should be at a minimum. However, as each patient is different, there is no set diet plan for kidney disease stage 3. That is the reason why it is important to consult our online experts who can create a plan to suit your specific needs.

2. Find out the correct therapy

The reason of incurable kidney disease is that most hospitals have no new therapies and new drugs. However, our hospital finds new therapies and new drugs through years of experiments. Our characteristic therapy is Chinese Medicine therapy, and also our Chinese Medicine remedy is unique. The unique refers that the treatment we apply, the drugs we use and the diagnosis we take are all unique. Other 3 A hospitals and large hospitals all have no these unique things. It is because we find these characteristic therapies, drugs and diagnosis, our curative effects on kidney disease are much better. These therapies, drugs and lad tests are not heard or known by other hospitals’ experts. As for special therapies, we not only create Ozone Therapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath and Du-moxibustion and other therapies. For special drugs, we usually apply some Chinese herbs to treat kidney disease. In regard to special diagnosis, the test device is the most advanced internationally and test index is also the most advanced. With three uniques, we have made great breakthroughs on kidney diseases.

The more earlier you take treatment to treat kidney disease stage 3, the better your curative effects are.

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