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Treatment for Stage 3 Kidney Disease Caused by Diabetes in the Elderly

2014-02-12 16:56

Compared with young people, the elderly with diabetes and stage 3 kidney disease have more difficulties in controlling their condition. This is because the elderly are prone to developing many aliments due to poor health condition. Therefore, the elderly with kidney disease should seek for an effective treatment once they get a diagnosis of kidney disease. What is the treatment for stage 3 kidney disease caused by diabetes in the elderly?

In diabetes, a variety of health problems can contribute to kidney damage in kidney problem mainly high blood glucose, high blood pressure and high fat level.

High blood glucose is the major culprit of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Diabetes. On one hand, the high blood glucose can make the kidneys filter more blood, which will certain cause extra pressure on the small blood vessels in kidneys. On the other hand, high blood glucose can stimulate the production of many kinds of harmful and toxic substances. These substances can cause direct damage to kidneys. Over time, the small blood vessels in kidneys will become impaired.

High blood pressure commonly occurs in diabetes. It is also a significant cause of kidney impairment. This is because high blood pressure can cause heavy pressure against the small blood vessels.

If blood fat is out of control, it may cause thrombus, angiosclerosis etc. These health problems will certainly affect the blood flow through kidneys, thus accelerating renal function decline.

In stage 3 kidney disease caused by diabetes, as the kidney damage may be reversed, it is important for the patients to seek for an effective treatment as early as possible.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for stage 3 kidney disease caused by diabetes in the elderly. This therapy can control diabetes and improve renal function by reversing kidney damage. If you want to know more information about the therapy, you cane leave a message below.

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