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Reverse Stage 3 Kidney Disease with Chinese Therapy

2014-02-12 15:45

Chinese therapy for stage 3 kidney disease A person with stage 3 kidney disease has moderated kidney damage. The kidney damage in this stage may be reversed with an effective treatment. Chinese therapy has showed remarkable effects in treating kidney disease.

Chinese therapy

Chinese therapy is a nonspecific treatment. It is a complete treatment system including a ground of treatments. Chinese herbal medicine is the most important part in Chinese therapy. Acupuncture, Medicated Bath, massage and so forth are also included in Chinese therapy. Based on a patient’s specific illness condition, different types of Chinese therapy modalities will be applied.

Stage 3 kidney disease

Nephrons are the basic functional units of kidneys. Every kidney is composed of around one million nephrons. In stage 3 kideny disease, less than 50% of nephrons are involved. As kidneys fail to perform adequately, the waste products and toxins begin to build up in body. Meanwhile, a number of early symptoms start to appear as kidneys become impaired.

Chinese therapy for stage 3 kidney disease

A variety of diseases and conditions can contribute to kidney disease. Also, the kidney damage degree varies from individual to individual. What’s more, different kinds of complications occur in different cases. Therefore, the treatment modalities should vary among different patients with stage 3 kidney disease.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an important part in Chinese therapy. It is an external application of Chinese herbal medicines. This therapy absorbs the advantages of traditional Chinese herbal medicine and also get rids of its defects. The most important therapeutic effect of this therapy is that the effective medicines can stimulate the self-repairing of impaired kidney tissues and cells.

Additionally, a host of assistant treatment methods like Foot Bath, massage, acupuncture, oral Chinese herbal medicine etc are also used to treat stage 3 kidney disease. These treatment modalities in Chinese therapy can function together to bring about a remarkable treatment effect. In most cases, the kidney damage in stage 3 kidney disease will be reversed.

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