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Natural Remedy for Stage 3 CKD in PKD with Tiredness

2014-01-25 11:38

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic kidney disorder. As there is no a cure for it, CKD will result in the general cases. A person with stage 3 CKD in PKD has moderated kidney damage. An effective treatment may help reverse kidney damage and improve renal function remarkably. A natural remedy for stage 3 CKD in PKD with tiredness will be introduced here.

Stage 3 CKD in PKD with tiredness

Nephrons are the basic functional units in kidneys. Every kidney is composed of around one million nephrons. These nephrons can filter out waste products and extra fluid from blood to keep our blood clean.

However, in PKD, it is featured with numerous cysts on kidneys. As the cysts increase in both size and number, they will replace more and more nephrons, thus resulting in renal function decline. In stage 3 CKD in PKD, a part of nephrons become impaired and even necrotic. The diseased kidneys fail to function adequately, thus resulting in a host of discomforts and symptoms.

Tiredness in stage 3 CKD in PKD is mainly due to anemia. Healthy kidneys can produce EPO, a hormone which can stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells. Red blood cells can carry oxygen and distribute it to body tissues and cells. Without enough oxygen supply to body tissues and cells, patients will become tired easily.

Natural remedy for stage 3 CKD in PKD with tiredness

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a natural remedy for stage 3 CKD in PKD with tiredness. Firstly, the effective medicines can kill the epithelial cells on cyst wall to stop them from producing fluid. Secondly, by improving the permeability of cyst wall, the medicines can promote the excretion of fluid from cyst wall, thus shrinking large cysts. The most important curative effect of Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is that it can activate the self-repairing of kidney tissues and cells. When the number of healthy nephrons increases, the kidneys will function better. Hence, the renal function will be improved to some extent and tiredness will be controlled fundamentally.

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