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How Repair Kidney Damage in Stage 3 Kidney Disease

2013-11-04 10:46

A person with stage 3 kidney disease has moderated kidney damage.In this stage,the early symptoms of kidney disease start to appear including high blood pressure,edema,anemia and so on.How to repair kidney damage in stage 3 kidney disease?

Kidney damage in stage 3 kidney disease

As outside harmful substances attack our body,immune system will be initiated and defeat them so we will return to normal condition.However,when the patients’ immune system can not function properly,it will fail to protect the body.When foreign harmful substances attack kidneys,the immune system will be initiated and a lot of inflammatory factors will collect in kidney.However,as the immune system fails to function normally, the immune response can not cease.More and more inflammatory factors accumulate in the kidney,thus resulting in abnormal inflammation in kidneys.The uncontrolled inflammation can impair kidney structure and cause kidney damage in stage 3 kidney disease.

How to repair kidney damage in stage 3 kidney disease?

The first treatment step is to clear up the harmful substances in bloodstream. If so, it will stop them from attacking kidney tissues.

The second treatment step is to control the inflammation in kidneys.If the abnormal immune response can be suppressed,no more immune damage to kidneys will occur.

The third step is to restore the impaired kidney tissues.If the impaired kidney tissues can be restored and regenerated, kidney damage will be repaired in stage 3 kidney disease.

To achieve the above treatment goals,Blood Pollution Therapy is an effective treatment to repair kidney damage in stage 3 kidney disease.

Blood Pollution Therapy is not a specific treatment,but a complete treatment system.The whole treatment process is composed of three treatment steps.The three treatment steps can clear up the metabolic toxins and wastes from body and improve renal function by repairing the kidney damage in stage 3 kidney disease. If you want to learn the detailed information about the therapy, you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for more information.

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