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Best Treatment for Stage 3 Kidney Disease with GFR 52

2013-09-26 15:01

Best Treatment for Stage 3 Kidney Disease with GFR 52A person with stage 3 kidney disease has a moderated renal function decline with GFR between 30~59.If the patients can control the condition well,they can live a normal and high-quality life.What is the best treatment for stage 3 kidney disease with GFR 52?

Stage 3 kidney disease with GFR 52

Due to powerful compensatory capacity of kidneys,the patients with stage 3 kidney disease and GFR 52 may develop no symptoms.However,as kidney function declines,a number of early symptoms may begin to appear.In stage 3 kidney disease,a person is more likely to develop complications of kidney disease such as high blood pressure,anemia,and early bone disease etc. If no effective treatment is adopted,ESRD will be the eventual result.

Best treatment for stage 3 kidney disease with GFR 52

An important part of treatment is to control the underlying cause of stage 3 kidney disease.Diabetes and high blood pressure are two major causes of chronic kidney disease(CKD). In addition, autoimmune disorders like lupus, infection, etc also can contribute to kidney problem.

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However,controlling the underlying causes just can delay renal function decline, but can not reverse the kidney damage.

Once kidneys are impaired,the impaired kidney tissues will release and attract inflammatory factors to worsen renal function further.The inflammation can cause the fibrosis and scarring of kidney tissues.Eventually,kidney failure occurs.

Therefore,to stop stage 3 kidney disease from developing and GFR 52 from declining,the patients should have treatment to suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys and remove the inflammatory factors in kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is featured with anti-inflammation.It can stop the kidneys from releasing inflammatory factors to prevent damage to kidneys completely. Meanwhile,the effective medicines can regenerate the impaired kidney tissues to enhance renal function. As a result, the patients’ renal function will be improved remarkably and ESRD will be prevented fundamentally.

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