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Stage 3 Kidney Disease with High Creatinine Treatment

2013-09-04 15:45

A person with stage 3 kidney disease has kidney damage in moderation.The level of creatinine can reflect how serious your kidney damage is and how well your kidneys are functioning. What is the stage 3 kidney disease with high creatinine treatment?

Stage 3 kidney disease with high creatinine

Every kidney is composed of around one million nephrons.The nephrons can filter blood and remove wastes from blood in right condition.However,in stage 3 Kidney Disease,a partial amount of of nephrons are impaired,thus resulting in renal function decline. As the kidneys fail to function properly to remove wastes from body,high levels of creatinine will build up in blood,thus resulting in high creatinine. Without effective treatment, more and more nephrons will become impaired and even necrotic. Kidney Failure will be the eventual result.

Stage 3 kidney disease with high creatinine treatment

Treatment for stage 3 kidney disease with high creatinine should be able to protect the residual renal function and stop further renal function decline. The treatment should stick to the following treatment steps.

Control the causes of kidney damage

There is a variety of causes of kidney damage like high blood pressure, Diabetes, etc. If the causes of kidney damage can be controlled effectively, the renal function decline will be delayed. Meanwhile, during the progressive process of renal function decline, a number of complications will occur like proteinuria, hyperlipidemia, etc.These complications are also significant accelerators in worsening renal function.

Reduce the accumulation of wastes in body

High levels of wastes in body not only can burden kidneys,but also can affect other vital body organs and systems.Firstly,a balanced diet can reduce the production of wastes in body like protein low in protein, salt etc. Secondly, some treatments can increase the excretion of wastes from body through other channels. For example, rheum officinale can increase the removal of wastes from body through intestine.

What herbs can be used to increase the removal of wastes from body? Email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for more information.

Enhance renal function

If the impaired kidney structure can be restored,renal function will be enhanced.Therefore,stage 3 kidney disease will stop progressing completely.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for stage 3 kidney disease with high creatinine. It can help the patients attain the above treatment goal to give rise to an renal function improvement.

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