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When will I Know I Have Anemia in CKD Stage 3B

2013-01-12 15:42

Chronic kidney disease can be divided into 5 stages and stage 3 CKD can be further divided into stage 3A and stage 3B. CKD stage 3 patients have moderately damaged kidney functions with GFR ranging from 30-59ml/min. It belongs to stage 3A when GFR is 45-59 and it is stage 3B When GFR further falls to 30-44.

In stage 3B CKD, more than half of kidney functions have been damaged and patients will have a series of clinical symptoms such as high blood pressure, metabolic acidosis, edema and anemia and fatigue, etc.

Anemia usually will develop in stage 3 CKD and patients will suffer from fatigue, paleness due to low red blood cell count. The following are the symptoms and signs indicating anemia and they should arouse patients’ attention.

Feeling weak and fatigue

Reduced red blood cell count cause less oxygen supply to the body cells and less energy will be produced, patients will feel weak, tired and fatigue.

Shortness of breath

In case of fluid retention and heart failure, patients will feel shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat. Anemia cause less red blood cells and oxygen supply to the cells. As a result, the heart will work harder and faster to ensure enough oxygen supply and this will damage the heart and cause heart failure.

Early symptoms of heart failure include shortness of breath, difficulty in lying and dry cough.

Increased difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure

One common sign of renal anemia is dizziness while standing up. This is because of relatively low blood pressure while the patient is standing and the blood pressure can return to normal when he is siting or lying.

Under normal circumstances, the difference between the top and bottom blood pressure is about 50 and the difference will be widened in case of anemia in chronic kidney disease. This is because low red blood cell count causes less oxygen supply and accumulation of carbon dioxide and other exhausts.

Besides, other signs of anemia in stage 3B include paleness, difficulty in concentrating and focusing, swelling especially in lower limbs, etc.

In case of the above mentioned symptoms, complete blood count, hemoglobin test and hematocrit test are recommended to confirm weather you have anemia or not.

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