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Does Kidney Disease In Stage 3 Make You Feel Cold

2014-12-19 03:53

Does Kidney Disease In Stage 3 Make You Fee ColdUsually when people are diagnosed with early stage chronic kidney disease (CKD), they are unaware something was wrong to begin with. This is because symptoms of early kidney disease sometimes do not appear right now, because kidney disease advances slowly over the years. In stage 3 kidney disease, symptoms will appear. Well, does stage 3 kidney disease make you feel cold?

A sensation of cold all the time can be caused by the following factors:


Yes, feeling cold is a symptom of stage 3 kidney disease. No matter what the temperature is, kidney disease patients will have a sensation of feeling cold all the time, which can be related to anemia. Anemia is a common symptom of kidney disease. As the kidneys slow down production of certain hormones, the red blood cell count is your body may become lower, which can make the body receive less oxygen than normal, resulting in anemia. Apart from anemia, shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness and pale are all symptoms of kidney disease.

Blocked blood circulation and low immunity

The root cause of cold feeling in kidney failure is blocked blood circulation and low immunity. Therefore, to alleviate cold feeling fundamentally, we need to remove blood clots, promote blood circulation and enhance immunity.

Not enough calories intake

Due to strict diet and poor appetite, stage 3 kidney disease patients can have an insufficient heat intake, thus causing cold feeling. Therefore, patients should have a proper diet and consume relatively more calories from the diet.

All in all, to relieve cold feeling, stage 3 kidney disease patients should improve kidney function and improve immunity. Some Chinese herbs have functions of dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing necessary nutrients for damaged kidneys. In this way, damaged kidneys can be repaired and renal function can be gradually improved. Chinese herbs are natural and effective. Our Chinese herbs like medicated bath, foot bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, acupuncture and enema therapy, etc have attracted many patients coming from our hospital to accept these remedies.

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