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Does Stage 3 Kidney Disease Cause Pain in Legs

2014-08-28 08:04

Does Stage 3 Kidney Disease Cause Pain in LegsChronic kidney disease (CKD) is usually classified into five stages. In the first two stages, you can hardly find the exist of CKD. When it reaches stage 3, many symptoms begin to appear. Does stage 3 kidney disease cause pain in legs? In fact, it can.

Why does stage 3 kidney disease cause pain in legs?

Pain in legs is associated with the decline of kidney function. The impaired kidneys can not filter the waste from the blood, balance the electrolytes, secrete hormones, etc. For example,

-Muscle cramp. It is usually caused by low blood calcium and magnesium and high phosphorus. -Joint pain. It is usually caused by too much uric acid depositing in the joints.

-Bone disease. It is also caused by low calcium, vitamin D deficiency, and high phosphorus.

-Restless leg syndrome. It is usually linked with anemia, nerve damage due to the accumulated waste.

-Blood clot. The accumulated waste, cholesterol and so on can adhere to the blood vessels and block your blood flow.

-Neuropathies. High blood sugar can damage your nerve, leading to neuropathies.

The above factors can all lead to pain in legs.

How to ease the pain in legs?

The most direct way is to take some painkiller to ease the pain. But some of them have renal toxicity, so you had better use it under the instruction of doctor. Besides, you can suit the remedy to the case. If it is caused by lacking of calcium, you should supplement calcium or vitamin D and lower phosphorus level.

The most fundamental way is to improve kidney function. Medicated bath, foot bath and enema therapy can draw out toxins from the blood and improve blood circulation. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can restrain kidney inflammation, remove blood stasis and stop kidney fibrosis. With systemic treatment, your kidneys can gradually regain their ability. And then all the problems referred just now disappear and the pain also eases.

Pain in legs can affect your life and work. You should receive treatment early to relieve the pain and stop the progression of the disease. Only in this way can you avoid dialysis and kidney transplant.

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