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Fatigue (Tiredness) in Stage 3 Kidney Disease

2013-11-01 12:01

Fatigue (Tiredness) in Stage 3 Kidney DiseaseA person with stage 3 kidney disease has moderated kidney damage.As kidneys fail to function properly,it will lead to a number of discomforts and symptoms,in which fatigue is a common sign.What are the causes of fatigue in stage 3 kidney disease and how to deal with it?

Causes of fatigue in stage 3 kidney disease

Fatigue in stage 3 kidney disease can be attributed to several causes including:

Anemia is the major culprit of the condition.Healthy kidneys can produce a kind of hormone called EPO which can stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.Red blood cells can distribute oxygen to body cells and tissues.However, in stage 3 kidney disease,the impaired kidneys can not make adequate EPO, thus resulting in lower level of red blood cells.When the body tissues and cells can not get enough oxygen supply,the patients will feel tired.

Another cause of fatigue in stage 3 kidney disease is inadequate nutrient supply to body.To reduce strain on kidneys,the patients have to keep a restricted diet like low levels of protein and sodium in diet.It is very likely to cause inadequate nutrient supply to body,thus making the patients feel tired easily.

In addition, mental pressure and stagnant lifestyle also can contribute to fatigue in stage 3 kidney disease.

How to manage fatigue in stage 3 kidney disease?

Fatigue in stage 3 kidney disease can be caused by a variety of causes.Therefore,the first step is to figure out the cause of the condition.If you have no idea about it,you can consult with our online doctor for a direct answer now!

Based on the cause of fatigue,according treatment will be applied.If anemia is the direct cause of fatigue,artificial EPO will be injected.Proper exercise can improve the patients’ energy and improve the overall condition.

As the underlying cause of fatigue in stage 3 kidney disease is reduced renal function, the patients should have a treatment to treat kidney as a whole. If kidney function can be improved, the associated complications will be controlled fundamentally.

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