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Stage 3 Kidney Disease: Prognosis and Life Expectancy

2013-01-14 09:39

Most kidney diseases are chronic and progressive. They can be divided into 5 stages according to illness progression by measuring residual kidney functions with patient’s creatinine level and GFR.

It is called stage 3 kidney disease when GFR falls below 60ml/min but still higher than 30 and it means that the kidneys have been moderately damaged, but the illness is not serious enough to begin dialysis or kidney transplant.

The good news is that stage 3 still has great chance to reveres renal damages and improve kidney functions especially if you are in the early period of stage 3. If further renal damages are prevented and kidney functions are improved higher than 50, patients’ life expectancy will be greatly improved.

Stage 3 is actually a very crucial stage which will rapidly progress into stage 4 and 5 without timely and effective measures, therefore early and proper treatments play key role in determining the life expectancy of stage 3 kidney disease. To prolong life expectancy and slow down stage 3 from progressing into the end stage, the following are some effective preventions that can help.

Control blood pressure

High blood pressure is one common symptom of kidney disease and also it is one major risk factor to speed up glomerular sclerosis and worse kidney functions.

ACEI and ARB drugs are effective on lowering high blood pressure, reducing proteinuria and protecting kidney functions.

Low-salt diet helps a lot for preventing and controlling high blood pressure. And limiting salt intake can also help protect your heart and blood vessels and much reduce risk of cardio-cerebrovascular complications.

Low-protein diets

When kidney disease progresses into the third stage, patients will have to have low-protein diets. Low-protein diets can produce less nitrogen-containing wastes and much reduce burdens and strains to the kidneys.

Actually the biggest threaten to stage 3 kidney patients is not renal failure, but the complications brought by renal dysfunction. Therefore early prevention and timely treatments are very important for reducing mortality and enhancing life expectancy.

Besides, there are many factors that can affect the prognosis and life expectancy of stage 3 kidney disease such as age, gender, underlying disease and other comorbid conditions, that is why most doctors can not give you the exact life expectancy. But as long as systemic and effective treatments are received and proper and careful nursing cares are ensured, illness progression can be much slowed down and patients can stay in this stages for years without developing into more advanced stage.

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