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How to Increase the Life Span with CKD Stage 3

2012-11-19 17:04

How to increase our life span if we are unfortunately diagnosed with CKD stage 3? Some CKD patients hold the thoughts that they will definitely live a shorter life compared with other healthy patients. In fact, it is completely possible for us to live a full and long life if we following steps.

Firstly, get symptoms controlled

CKD is divided into 5 stages in clinic and usually when it develops to stage 3, symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria, frequent urination at night, swelling, blood urine, fatigue and back pain which generally occurs among Polycystic Kidney Disease patients. Although these symptoms appear because of kidney damages, they accelerate the progression of CKD. Therefore, getting these symptoms controlled is very helpful for stage 3 CKD patients to stop their disease.

Secondly, get stage 3 CKD treated fundamentally

A correct medical treatment is very essential for the recovery of CKD patients. To be honest, CKD stage is not too serious to treat. However, as many patients take the wrong treatment to treat their problem, they suffer from kidney failure sooner or later. Actually, if they can get CKD stage 3 treated fundamentally, they will avoid kidney failure and meanwhile, their prognosis and life span are increased greatly.

Thirdly, follow a scientific diet

According to clinical survey, many CKD patients do not believe diet can produce influence on their illness condition. As a matter of fact, a poor diet indeed worsen kidney condition and for these who do not regulate their dietary habits, they usually suffer from kidney failure earlier.

Generally speaking, patients with CKD stage 3 needs to limit protein intake, fluid intake, salt intake, potassium intake and phosphorus intake if lad test show there is high level of phosphorus. (Exact diet depends on patient's illness conditions. If you want to learn more information about diet for patients with CKD stage, please leave message to us.)

Forth, develop good living habits

Our living habits also affect our illness condition. For people who have develop had living habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and staying up, it is better if they kick them as quickly as possible.

Fifth, keep being optimistic

We feel depressed easily when we are diagnosed with CKD stage 3, but please remember, our emotion decide our physical condition to some extend. Therefore, please keep being optimistic. You can listen to some music, watch comedy movies and communicate more with your friends and family. Believe as long as you try your best, you can defeat kidney problem.

CKD is fatal if we leave it alone, however if we take every measures and treat it fundamentally, we will be the winner finally.

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