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Can I Live a Normal Life Span with Stage 3 CKD

2012-11-19 14:54

We can live a normal life span with stage 3 CKD if we can stop it fundamentally. However, as many patients with stage 3 CKD take the wrong way to treat their problem, they finally suffer from kidney problem and live a shorter life span. Actually, as long as we found out how does CKD progress and then treat it from the basis, we can live as long as healthy patients.

As a matter of fact, many CKD patients take the wrong treatment not because they are reluctant to recover, but because they do not know how to treat stage 3 CKD correctly.

CKD refers to the progressive loss of kidney function and it moves forward as more and more renal intrinsic cells are damaged over time. Mostly, abnormal symptoms occur when CKD develops to stage 3 and at that moment, if we do not stop it, it will develop to stage 5 which actually refers to kidney failure. Well then, how to stop stage 3 CKD effectively?

According to clinical study, in about 95% cases, kidney damages occur because of inflammation. Inflammation is the reaction of our body to the immune complex which is formed when antigen combines with antibody. Immune complex does not belong to our kidney, so our body start inflammation to against it when it deposit in our tissues. For people with CKD, immune complexes deposit in kidney, leading to the occurrence of inflammation which damage our renal tissues directly. In many cases, patients are just prescribed with some immunosuppressive agents to block inflammation. These medicines show quick treatment effects in remit symptoms, however, they fail to remove immune complexes away from kidney. As long as immune complexes exist in kidney, inflammation occurs again sooner or later. This is the reason why some CKD patients found their disease relapses frequently.

Immunotherapy is an alternative treatment for CKD and it has been proven to be effective in removing immune complexes. As long as immune complexes are removed, inflammation is prevented and also further kidney damages are avoided. CKD progresses just because of increased kidney damages and when further kidney damages are avoided, CKD stops.

For people with stage 3 CKD, once their kidney problem is treated fundamentally, they will avoid kidney failure and also they will live a longer and high quality life.

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