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Can Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 Be Reversed

2014-05-12 08:05

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 Be ReversedStage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD) indicates that kidney function has been moderately damaged. The glomerular filtration rate (GFR) which is hallmark of kidney function is ranging from 30ml/dl to 59ml/dl. Is still possible for CKD stage 3 to be reversed?

For that question, we should first know the pathogenesis of kidney disease.

According to our abundant therapeutic experiments and clinic researches on kidney disease, we found that no matter what kidney disease is, the developmental process of renal disease is a vicious circle accompanied by Qi stagnation and blood stasis, blood stasis and toxic stagnation, blockage by poison and then qi stagnation.

In a word, all kidney disease progression will have three stages, namely; qi stagnation, blood stasis and toxic stagnation. And these three stages match with the three stages of renal fibrosis which is inflammation reaction stage, renal fibrosis formation stage and scarring stage.

Second, what is the therapeutic effect of your kidney disease in our hospital?

Our guarantees are:

1. If your kidney disease is in the stage of inflammation reaction stage, or in the generation stage of renal fibrosis, we have therapies to help you reverse your kidney disease.

2. If your kidney function has been damaged or your kidney disease is in the formation stage of renal fibrosis, we only guarantee that you have 50 percent hope of reverse. That is to say, you only have half of possibilities of kidney disease recovery.

3. If your disease has entered the last stage of kidney failure, or renal fibrosis has formed, we guarantee that your kidney disease won’s be worsened. Also your life won’t be threatened and we will guarantee you have a high quality of life.

For stage 3 chronic kidney disease, it is the renal fibrosis formation stage. We can apply use our special drugs and characteristic therapy to clear the toxins and remove blood stasis in your blood. In this way, your kidney disease have great chance of recovery. However, if you want to bring the kidney function to 100 percent, it is not impossible. 

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