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What Is The Way To Improve Stage 3 CKD Prognosis

2014-04-18 06:23

What Is The Way To Improve Stage 3 CKD PrognosisChronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a kidney disease that is caused by chronic illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes or infection. Once you suffer from CKD, it is rarely cured, while you can recover it with an effective treatment. Well what is the way to help improve CKD stage 3 prognosis?

A radical treatment for improving stage 3 CKD prognosis is targeted at solving the root cause of stage 3 CKD-the damaged kidneys.

How to repair damaged kidneys?

When stage 3 CKD happens, you had better take Stem Cell Transplant in consideration. Stem Cells have strong ability of distinguishing renal functions cells so as to replace those failed ones. And it has self-renewal ability to produce more stem cells, which helps take effects more efficiently in the course of treating kidney disease. In addition, stem cells can stimulate growth factors to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. In this way, some kidney repairing therapies are able to reverse patients’ kidney damage.

Additionally, our hospital also has Polluted Blood Therapy, one latest therapy, is honored as fundamental treatment for kidney disease, because it can help improve kidney function and rebuild kidney structure.

With Stem Cell Therapy and Polluted Blood Therapy, damaged kidneys can be repaired and kidney function is able to get recovered greatly. In this condition, stage 3 chronic kidney disease patients will have a much better life quality. The prognosis becomes good.

Apart from repairing damaged kidneys, basic medications to control symptoms are also necessary.

In stage 3 CKD, many symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria, anemia, etc. If left untreated, any of the symptoms may worsen the condition or accelerate the rate of stage 3 CKD developing into stage 4. Different medications are used to control different symptoms. For high blood pressure and protein in urine, ACE inhibitors and ARBs are applied.

In summary, repairing kidney impairment and controlling symptoms with medications both contribute to the improvement of CKD Stage 3 prognosis.

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