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Stage 3 Of CKD With High Blood Pressure And Diabetes Can Be Treated Well

2015-07-10 03:31

Stage 3 Of CKD With High Blood Pressure And Diabetes Can Be Treated WellWhen CKD develops to stage 3, kidney function drops seriously and some complications may occur, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, uremia, anemia. In this situation, necessary treatment must be needed with a strict diet plan.

At the stage 3, there are swelling, fatigue, urination changes, kidney pain, sleeping problems and muscle cramps because of kidney function dropping and kidney damage. Chinese medicine is a very good option to treat stage 3 kidney disease by alleviating symptoms and recovering kidney function. And it can promote blood circulation, eliminate wastes and toxins, repair kidney damage.

Apart from treatment, daily diet also plays a vital role in treating stage 3 of CKD. The following suggestions should be complied with:

1. Do not get much protein food, but they can eat high protein food

2. Prevent food containing much phosphorus and calcium

3. Limit intake of sodium

4. Avoid carbohydrates

5. Cut down food which has much fat

6. Have more vitamins, which can give nutrients and energy

7. Control water intake properly

Chinese medicines and a healthy diet plan can treat stage 3 of CKD very well. This treatment plan has achieved good effects in treating kidney injure, recovering kidney function and easing symptoms of stage 3 CKD. For more specific Chinese medicines treatment and diet plan list, you can send email to kidneycares@hotmail.com or leave a message below. We will try our best to help you.

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