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What Is A Good Diet For Someone With Stage 3 Kidney Disease

2015-05-28 07:53

What Is A Good Diet For Someone With Stage 3 Kidney DiseaseIf you have been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease, you have moderate kidney damage. In other words, you are right in the middle of the scale between stage 1 and stage 5. At this point, following a kidney diet meal plan can keep you on the right track. As your diet improves you can stabilize your kidney disease and not progress any further with a proper stage 3 kidney disease diet plan.

1. Calories

One of the most challenging parts of following a stage 3 kidney disease diet is getting the proper amount of calories. It can be difficult to get enough calories and carbohydrates to fuel your body without overloading on protein. You may be recommended to use some simple calories and carbohydrates such as sugar.

2. Sodium

Too much sodium may cause an increase within blood pressure. Kidney disease patients need to be on a low salt diet plan.

3. Iron

Most kidney disease people suffer from anemia so it might be necessary to consider an iron health supplement.

4. Potassium

High potassium level in blood is experienced by the majority of kidney disease victims. High potassium level can result in heart problems. Reducing foods that include potassium, like plums, chocolate, kiwi fruit and bananas, etc.

5. Phosphorus and calcium

Kidney disease patients tend to have high phosphorus and low calcium level in blood. Thus, patients need to follow a diet with high calcium and low phosphorus level.

6. Protein

The recommendation for protein intake in stage 3 is 0.8g/kg body weight, the same recommendation for a healthy 150 pound adult. On a lower protein diet, at least half of your protein comes from high quality protein foods that contain all the essential amino acids such as egg whites, fish, poultry, meat, soy, and small of amounts of dairy.

When you have stage 3 kidney disease, it is important to know what your diet and nutrition goals are. The above is a general diet plan for stage 3 kidney disease. Since medical condition varies from person to person. Thus, if you want to know your diet plan, you can consult our online doctor or leave a message below. After analyzing your condition, we will give you a specific diet plan.

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