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Is Corn Good for Stage 3 CKD

2014-12-09 08:20

Is Corn Good for Stage 3 CKDIn the long treatment course of CKD, diet plays an important role in stabilizing the disease and preventing further kidney damage. That is why many kidney patients ask whether certain food is good for them or not. Corn is a large grain plant in the world. Is corn good for stage 3 CKD?

Health benefits of corn

-Good for anemia

Anemia is a common complication of kidney disease, because the damaged kidneys affects the production of red blood cells. Corn is packed with rich vitamin B12, folic acid and iron, which are essential elements required to form new red blood cells so as to help you control anemia.

-Lower cholesterol level

High cholesterol level increases your risk of heart disease so as to threaten your life. Corn oil has anti-atherogenic effect on the cholesterol levels as it lowers cholesterol levels by reducing cholesterol absorption by the body. Besides, corn is high in dietary fiber, which also helps in lowering cholesterol level.

-Relieve edema

Stage 3 CKD patients also have edema. Corn silk is diuretic, which can flush out the excess fluid from your body so as to relieve edema.

-Prevent diabetes

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease. Regular consumption of corn kernels assists in the management of non-insulin dependent diabetes.

In addition, corn consumption helps digestion, manage weight, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, ease constipation, increase energy, etc.

Is corn good for stage 3 CKD?

From the above, we can see that corn is very good. But it does not mean you can eat cone optionally. Because corn is a good source of protein. If you have severe proteinuria, you should pay attention to protein intake, for it may worsen proteinuria.

You can stop the progression of stage 3 CKD through comprehensive treatment, thus avoiding dialysis and transplant. For more information about the treatment and healthy diet, please contact online doctor.

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