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Is Hot Pepper Good for Stage 3 Kidney Disease

2014-09-29 02:45

Is Hot Pepper Good for Stage 3 Kidney DiseaseWe need to be especially careful about our daily diet with stage 3 kidney disease, because improper diet will worsen kidney condition and accelerate kidney problem to stage 4. Well, is hot pepper good for stage 3 kidney disease?

In our daily diet, hot pepper can be eaten in different ways. For an instance, they can be used as a seasoning to make our meals tastier and more enjoyable. For another instance, they also can be used as the major vegetables for people who love spicy foods. Hot pepper is health-beneficial in many ways, and for people with stage 3 kidney disease, they can also get lots of benefits from it.

Stage 3 kidney disease is marked by moderate decreased kidney function, which can cause many health problems like electrolyte disturbance. For this reason, stage 3 kidney disease patients usually need to limit sodium intake, potassium intake and phosphorus intake. Hot pepper has no sodium, and only 4mg of phosphorus and 31mg potassium. Stage 3 kidney disease patients on the most restrictive diets duet o kidney problem can still enjoy this spice.

Besides, hot pepper has anti-inflammatory property, which is very helpful for stage 3 kidney disease patients. According to clinical studies, in more than 95% cases of Chronic Kidney Disease, kidney tissues are injured due to persistent inflammation. Consuming some hot pepper helps to inhibit inflammation, which contributes to the tight control of kidney condition. Seeing from this aspect, hot pepper is a good option for stage 3 kidney disease patients.

Hot peppers are also packed with vitamins A, C, B6 as well as folic acid and fiber, so adding them to kidney diet is good. But one thing that stage 3 kidney disease patients need to understand is a proper diet is good for kidney, but illness can not be controlled only by making diet changes. To reverse stage 3 kidney disease to stage 2 and prevent stage 4 successfully, medical treatment is necessary.

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