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Is It OK To Eat Figs If You Have CKD Stage 3

2014-07-15 00:56

Is It OK To Eat Figs If You Have CKD Stage 3Fig is a significant source of nutritious fruit and it can be enjoyed fresh within the warmer seasons, and dried all through the year. Many people like to eat figs because figs can bring various health benefits to them. However, if people are diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD), is it OK for them to eat figs? Read through this article, and you could find the answer.

The answer is yes. It is good to eat figs if you have CKD stage 3. And patients with CKD 3 can get the following health benefits:

1. Control high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common complication and a leading factor of kidney disease. Hypertension management plays a significant role in preventing further deterioration of CKD. Lower sodium levels and high potassium level assistant to avoid high blood pressure levels. Sodium levels within figs are extremely lower however their potassium content is extremely high. That is why figs are perfect to avoid as well as control high blood pressure successfully.

2. Prevent diabetes

Diabetes for a long time will damage many body organs including heart and kidneys. Therefore, control of diabetes is also important. The high quality of potassium in fig fruit keeps the blood sugar levels of the body under control. Besides, a liquid extract produced from fig leaves is added to a diabetic meals, which can reduce the sugar levels within the blood.

3. Bone health

Kidney disease patients usually have lower calcium level in blood, which makes people tend to suffer from bone health such as bone fracture and osteoporosis. Foods which have higher calcium levels are ideal for the bones. Fig is such a high calcium food. The calcium in fig performs a significant part in bone health.

From the above, we can see figs are ok for CKD stage 3. However, if people with high potassium level in blood, they should avoid eating too many figs or avoid figs. Due to limited space here, we cannot list all of the health benefits to you. If you want to know more fig health benefits, you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com or contact our online experts directly. We will tell what benefits you can get from figs within 48 hours.

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