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Turmeric Diet And Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-05-21 08:02

Turmeric Diet And Stage 3 Chronic Kidney DiseaseTurmeric comes from a plant related to ginger. There is no evidence that turmeric has no negative effects on the kidneys. In this case, stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients can benefit from turmeric diet.

Turmeric health benefits are numerous. Here we will provide some benefits of turmeric diet for stage 3 CKD.

1. Turmeric benefit for lupus.

Curcumin can benefit in autoimmune disease similar to lupus. It also attributes to anti-inflammatory, because the main cause behind lupus is pain-causing inflammatory conditions which becomes chronic and life-threatening.

2. Turmeric is good for headache and nausea.

Turmeric paste over head is beneficial for headache and dizziness. Headache and nausea are common symptoms suffered from by chronic kidney disease patients. Turmeric diet helps alleviate these cases.

3. Turmeric diet benefits in inflammation

Inflammation is a natural response of our body’s immune system to protect itself from infections. Inflammations causes harm and various body disorders like kidney disorder. Turmeric can reduce inflammation. In addition, it can also reduce pain associated with inflammation. Thus, patients can feel better.

4. Turmeric is beneficial for urinary and kidney disorder.

Taking turmeric orally is able to treat various disorders such as urinary tract infection and various kidney diseases. What’s more important, turmeric eliminates free radicals, reduces oxidative stress and prevents kidney damages. In this way, kidney-related disorders can be regulated.

Also, turmeric contributes to digestive problems, cough and cold, heart benefits and arthritis as well as other medical conditions. Overall speaking, it is ok for stage 3 CKD patients to have a turmeric diet.

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