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Can Stage 3 Renal Disease Patients Drink Barley Water

2014-03-14 16:05

Can Stage 3 Renal Disease Patients Drink Barley WaterBarley is the oldest known domestically grown and a major cereal grain. Barley is the most nutritional and health food for people. Barley is an excellent source of fiber and has excellent levels of the minerals like copper, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and iron as well as high calories. However, stage 3 renal disease patients all must follow a dietary limitation. In this case, can patients with stage 3 kidney disease still drink barley water?

Through analyzing the health function of barley water, you can know whether you can drink barley water.

1. Ease edema

Edema is often to be seen in kidney disease stage 3 patients. Barley water is a good diuretic ensuring excess water and toxins are flushed out of the body. This makes it an excellent beverage to treat edema and urinary tract infection. Thus, kidney disease patients are able to drink barley water.

2. Maintain bone health

Barley intake maintains bone health. Barley contains phosphorus and copper which help keep bone strong, ensure normal bone production and prevent the risk of fracture and osteoporosis. For patients with bone problems, drinking barley water helps alleviate bone problems.

3. Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Barley is high in fiber, both soluble as well as insoluble, which contributes to lowering cholesterol and triglyceride level.

4. Prevent cardiovascular diseases

Niacin in barley can provide protection against many factors that may lead to cardiovascular diseases like stopping the formation of blood clots, preventing plaque deposition in the arteries and reducing cholesterol. Besides, barley also can reduce blood pressure and prevent oxidation of free radical and offers protection of cardiovascular disease. It also reduces the risk of heart failure.

5. Fight against diabetes

The soluble fiber beta glucan in barley is thought to reduce glucose absorption and help lower both glucose and insulin levels, thus helping fight against diabetes-the silent killer of kidney disease.

As mentioned above, patients with stage 3 chronic kidney disease are able to drink barley water due to its healthy benefits. However, it does not mean all stage 3 renal disease patients can drink it. For patients with high phosphorus level, they should avoid drinking barley water as barley is high in phosphorus, which may exacerbate high phosphorus symptoms. Even if patients in stage 3 kidney disease can drink it, the amount should be moderate.

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