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Beneficial Diet for CKD Stage 3

2012-09-20 17:13

CKD Stage 3 dietThere is no a single diet that fits every kidney disease patient, as the individual diet is always up to residual kidney function and physical condition. People with stage 3 CKD have decreased GFR between 30 to 59 ml/min. Kidneys mainly filter blood and discharge wastes out of body. Once kidneys are impaired, GFR decreases and wastes can not be excreted timely. These harmful substances exist in blood and therefore damage our other organs. Therefore, people with stage 3 CKD need to adjust their diet to reduce the production of wastes and also to protect residual kidney function.

1. Adequate protein intake

High protein intake will increase extra renal burden, leading to the deterioration of CKD stage 3. For this reason, limiting protein intake is necessary. The recommendation for daily protein intake in stage 3 CKD is 0.8 g/kg body weight and meanwhile a half of protein need to be high quality protein which can be found in egg white, fish, milk, lean meat and cheese and so on.

2. Low-sodium diet

Limiting salt intake and avoiding high-sodium foods to reduce high blood pressure and alleviate fluid retention. Exact sodium intake is based on blood pressure and severity of swelling, but generally no more than 4 mg/day.

3. Fluids intake

If an individual with stage 3 CKD have swelling symptom, fluids will be limited. For people who need to limit fluids strictly, they can wet their lips with swab that has been steeped with water, if they have a strong desire to drink water.

4. Phosphorus intake needs to be limited

Phosphorus build up in the blood because of reduced kidney function. High levels of phosphorus restrains calcium intake and therefore causing bone disease. Therefore, people with CKD stage 3 may need to avoid foods with high phosphorus such as cheese, chocolate, nuts, ice cream and milk.

If PTH exceeds the normal value, a special active vitamin D pill may be needed to lower it. Also, for these with low calcium, calcium supplement is necessary.

5. Potassium

Limitation of potassium is necessary if lab tests show potassium is too high. Foods with high levels of potassium include banana, avocado, cantaloupe, honeydew, legumes and milk and so on.

Well-planed diet for CKD stage 3 not only helps to slow down the progression of kidney damages, but also contributes to a good prognosis, if combined with effective treatment. Therefore, follow on these dietary principles if you have CKD stage 3.

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