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Treatment for Patients with Diabetes and Polycystic Kidney Disease

2016-03-30 07:39

Treatment for Patients with Diabetes and Polycystic Kidney DiseasePolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is an inherited kidney disease in which abnormal cysts develop and growth in the kidneys. So far no treatment can cure it. With the improvement of living standard, diabetes has a high morbidity. Nowadays it has become a leading cause of kidney failure. If you happen to be a patient with both diabetes and PKD, you should pay attention, because without timely and effective treatment, it may quickly develop to kidney failure. In this article, let’s have a discussion on treatment for patients with diabetes and PKD.

If you could not find a suitable treatment for diabetes and PKD in your country, you can try Chinese medicine in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

-Chinese medicine can help you control diabetes.

Some Chinese medicine can help stabilize blood sugar level, decrease blood cholesterol level, regulation blood pressure as well as reduce its complications, such as diabetic feet. In such case, you can reduce the influence of diabetes on kidneys.

-Chinese medicine can help you stop the growth of cysts and even shrink them.

Some Chinese medicine can inhibit the abnormal proliferation of renal tubule epithelial cells and block the secretion of lining cells to stop the growth of cysts. Some can increase the permeability of cyst wall and change the inner and outer pressure difference of cyst wall so that cyst fluid can be removed out of the cyst so that cyst becomes small gradually. In such case, you can protect your kidneys from being damaged further.

-Chinese medicine can help repair kidney damage and protect kidney function.

Some Chinese medicine can show such effects through anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, dilation of blood vessels and degradation of extracellular matrix. In such case, you can restore kidney function and lead a normal life without worrying about kidney failure.

Hope the above information on treatment for patients with diabetes and PKD is helpful for you. Different Chinese medicine has different functions. And different patients have different conditions. Therefore, you should choose the suitable one according to your conditions. To get personalized guidance on treatment, please describe your condition to leave us a message or send emails to kidneycares@hotmail.com. After analyzing your case, one of our nephrologists will contact you.

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Do you suffer from PKD? Do you want to treat it effectively? Follow us to get more!

Due to numerous cysts in his kidneys, his renal function has been in end stage. His creatinine level was 945umol/L and the largest cyst in right kidney was 8.5cm. After about one month of treatment in our hospital, his creatinine level was reduced to 632umol/L and the cyst was reduced to 3.5cm. He felt his abdomen is obviously softened and appetite was also improved....

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How Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Polycystic Kidney Disease

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