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Bangladesh Patient Comes To China For Chinese Medicine Treatment

2018-09-03 03:04

Name: KINA 

Gender: Female 

Age: 65 Years Old 

Country: Bangladesh 

Diagnose: Nephritis 

Patient Word:

KINA from Bangladesh looks very happy on International Women’s day. We sent her a bunch of flower for her.
Bangladesh Patient Comes To China For Chinese Medicine Treatment

She has more than 20 years of hypertension. 6 years ago, blood in urine was found. She went to hospital for a check up and was diagnosed with Chronic Nephritis.

She took medicine and transfused in her local hospital for half month. One year later for recheck up, her condition became more severe. She suffered from occult blood and protein in urine.

In the following 4 years, her husband was seeking better treatment for her. Occasionally she found our hospital- Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and was attracted by our unique Chinese medicine treatments. Their daugther also supported so they wanted to come to China for a try.

There was no improvement on her condition even if she took steroid therapy for 7 years. At this time, she hoped her condition can be improved by Chinese medicine treatments.

Apart from oral Chinese medicine soup and hypotensive medicines, our doctor also prescribed her a series of unique Chinese medicine treatments such as Cupping Therapy, Medicated Bath and Hot Compress Therapy, etc so as to expel toxins out of her body quickly, repair injured glomerular basement membrane and stop protein leakage.

After only one week of Chinese medicine treatments, her protein was reduced to 1+ and occult blood was negative. She and her husband said Chinese medicines are really miraculous. We make a right decision.
Bangladesh Patient Comes To China For Chinese Medicine Treatment
Bangladesh Patient Comes To China For Chinese Medicine Treatment

KINA has a good improvement. She will be discharged from our hospital after another week of treatment to consolidate her condition.

As long as you want to treat your renal disease effectively, distance is not a problem. Many patients come to our hospital for Chinese medicine treatments. Hope you can make a right choice as well.

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