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How Does High Creatinine Level 1260umol/L Reduce To 842umol/L

2016-04-14 05:54

Name: Ting ting 

Gender: Female 

Age: 22 years old 

Country: China 

Diagnose: Kidney Failure 

Patient Word:

I am still young yet so I do not want to undergo dialysis all my life. Long term of dialysis means that I am heading towards disaster. Can anyone help me?

This sentence is from Tingting, a kidney failure patient. She is 22 years old and is in the prime of her life. But she needs to take dialysis three times a week. Long time of dialysis makes her lose the hope to her life. When she tells her local doctor that she will give up dialysis, the doctor asks her to take kidney transplant. Tingting has no choice but to leave that hospital.

Her brother consults our online doctor about Tingting’s condition. After that, Tingting comes to our hospital for treatment-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

First, Dr Li arranges a thorough check up for Tingting. The result shows that her creatinine level is 1260umol/L.

How Does High Creatinine Level 1260umol/L Reduce To 842umol/L

Dialysis for a long term will make you depend on it and it has many side effects. Our hospital does not advocate dialysis. We mainly treat kidney disease through Chinese Medicine. Chinese medicines can regulate body environment so as to treat kidney disease. Dr Li applies “Four One Treatment ” which can purify blood and cleanse immune complexes.

After 10 days of treatment, her creatinine level 1260umol/L decreases to 842umol/L. This result surprises her very much.

How Does High Creatinine Level 1260umol/L Reduce To 842umol/L

From her case, we can see in this world nothing is impossible to achieve as long as you make all efforts. If you want to get rid of dialysis and want to learn more information about our Chinese Medicine, you can leave us a message below or consult our online doctor directly. We will give you a reply as soon as possible.

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