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What Should I Do If Hormonotherapy Is Invalid In Nephrotic Syndrome

2015-07-08 10:30






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At the mention of Nephrotic Syndrome (NS), the first response of many patients is Hormonotherapy.

Indeed, hormonotherapy has become International Standard in Nephrotic Syndrome treatment. Almost all hospitals do like that. However, what should we do if hormonotherapy is invalid?
What Should I Do If Hormonotherapy Is Invalid In Nephrotic Syndrome

This year, Ms Wu is diagnosed with kidney disease. She first accepts treatment in her local hospital and then goes to another hospital. Prednisone acetate tablets are applied. Only swelling is alleviated slightly but urine protein is still above 2 +. During the treatment, she also takes renal biopsy but the doctor only doubts it is minimal change glomerulopathy. Why renal biopsy cannot make a definite diagnosis. Ms Wu raises suspicious about western medicine treatment.

She begins to seek for Chinese Medicine Treatment so she comes to our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital which is specialized in kidney disease with 30 years of clinical experience and has treated more than 60 countries patients. Her urine protein has become 4+ and urine occult is 2+. Western medicines has not worked on me so I want to have a try of Chinese Medicine.
What Should I Do If Hormonotherapy Is Invalid In Nephrotic Syndrome

Why do western medicines have no effect? This is because the main function of steroids is to inhibit immune response. In this way, it can stop kidneys from being damaged by immune response effectively.

However, immune response is not the only cause of kidney damage. Besides, immune response inhibition does not improve renal function. This is the reason why your former treatment has no effect.

As for our treatment, besides steroids, the main treatment in our hospital is Chinese Medicine-Blood Cleaning and Detoxification Therapy which can improve renal microcirculation and recover kidney function.
What Should I Do If Hormonotherapy Is Invalid In Nephrotic Syndrome

After two weeks of treatment, she got the laboratory test report. Urine protein is reduced to ± and urine occult blood becomes negative. Compared with prior treatment effect, she is very excited.

It is not the disease that cannot be cured but you do not choose the right treatment.

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