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Chinese Medicine Has Obvious Effects In Nephrotic Syndrome

2016-04-21 05:57

Name: Wu Ming 

Gender: Male 

Age: 25

Country: China 

Diagnose: Primary Nephrotic Syndrome (NS)

Patient Word:

In a physical examination, Wu Ming’s test report shows there is 3+ protein. He was diagnosed with primary nephrotic syndrome. From then on, he began the long course of treatment.

After two years of treatment, his test report is still terrible.

He was very doubtful and did not know why there was no therapeutic effect after two years of treatment. Due to long-term application of steroid, he became fatter and fatter especially for his big face. He did not want to go out.

His parents decided to take him to Beijing for treatment.

After one month of treatment, urine protein became negative. He stayed in the hospital for another week for consolidating his disease. Approaching to being discharged, he rechecked his urine and the result shows urine protein 2+. His disease relapsed.

Seeing this result, Wu Ming was disappointed.

Chinese Medicine Has Obvious Effects In Nephrotic SyndromeChinese Medicine Has Obvious Effects In Nephrotic Syndrome

However, his parents do not give up his treatment. At this time, they came to Shijiazhuang.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, the doctor first asks him several questions. Wu Ming do not know the causes and treatment of kidney disease. Therefore, the doctor explains this to him in detail. That is, how does kidney disease occur? What are immune complexes? What are advantages and disadvantages of steroid therapy? Why does his disease tend to relapse?

Steroids only play a role of inhibition but has no effect in cleansing immune complexes. Immune complex deposit is the real cause of kidney disease.

Chinese Medicine has the function of removing toxic factors, which can discharge immune complexes out of the body. What’s more, Chinese Medicine can promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis to improve kidney’s microcirculation. This can protect renal cells and recover kidney function.

Chinese Medicine Has Obvious Effects In Nephrotic SyndromeChinese Medicine Has Obvious Effects In Nephrotic Syndrome

After half a month of treatment, urine protein becomes negative. After a week of re-examination, it is still negative.

Chinese Medicine not only has obvious effect in Nephrotic Syndrome but also in other kidney diseases.

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