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About Kidney Cares Community

Our website Kidney Cares Community(KCC) is dedicated to providing health information regarding kidney diseases and kidney care to serve kidney patients, caregivers and their families and friends. KCC hopes to help prevent kidney diseases and improve the health and well being of individuals and families that are affected by or at risk of kidney diseases.

With the update of our website, we offer you the following services:

1. Provide human health science knowledge;

2. Provide basic knowledge about kidney diseases;

3. Correct common mistakes on prevention and treatments;

4. Interact with online doctors and other patients;

5. Offer the latest researches and news regarding kidney;

6. Offer kidney disease checkers and illness condition analyses.

All information on this website is provided by professor Chen Zhiqiang, a well-known nephrologist. Professor Chen writes some articles in his spare time to provide information for kidney patients. He hopes to help more patients. Chen has many titles like vice President of Guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (the second affiliated hospital of Guangzhou university of traditional Chinese medicine), director of general surgery, chief physician, professor and doctoral supervisor, chairman of the perioperative professional committee of the Chinese association of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, the vice chairman of the surgical speciality committee of China Association of Chinese Medicine, the chairman of the surgical speciality committee of Guangdong Provincial Association of Chinese Medicine, and the vice President of the Guangdong medical doctor association, etc.

He presided over 13 scientific research projects of the 11th five-year plan and other tasks, won 8 scientific and technological progress awards at all levels, and published more than 30 academic papers in professional journals.

His research tasks include:

1. Thought about teaching material construction for integrated Chinese and western medicine, Advanced medicine of TCM education, 2008, 9:29-30

2. Innovate the concept of cultivating TCM talents and improve the construction of the Textbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, Exploration of TCM Education, 2008, 2:7-9

3. Exploration and Reflection on Perioperative Researchs on Integrative Chinese Medicine,Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine,Volume 13, Number 4, DECEMBER 2007,246~248

4. A review on the treatment of perioperative integrated Chinese and western medicine, Journal of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2009, 1:70-73

5. Diagnosis and Treatment Scheme and Its Application in Combination of TCM and Western Medicine after Prostatectomy, Jiangsu journal of traditional chinese medicine, 2008,8:32-34

6. Overall differentiation, regional differentiation and microcosmic differentiation --- thoughts on modern TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment system, Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, 2006,26(12):1126-1127

7. Study on standardized test of basic knowledge contest of Chinese medicine, TCM education, 2006,25(2):9-11

8. Research Progress of Obstructive Nephropathy, Medical Recapitulate, 2001,7(9):547-549

Professor Chen Zhiqiang has devoted his life to the research and treatment of kidney diseases. The information provided by him can help patients improve their life quality and extend their life expectancy in a better and more comprehensive way. If you would like to contact with us or have something to share with us.

Here is how you can get in touch with KCC.


Telephone number (us) : 008618330110929

Find a doctor (au) : 008618330110929

You have free access to your information and you can email us using the Contact Us link concerning any privacy questions. You can also contact KCC's Data Protection Officer

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