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Chinese Medicine Systematic Treatment for Proteinuria and Swelling

2016-09-21 06:02

Chinese Medicine Systematic Treatment for Proteinuria and Swelling For patients with nephrotic syndrome, proteinuria and swelling are very common symptoms. How to treat them effectively? Chinese medicine systematic treatment is the very good option. Ok, see a case of patient getting treated in our hospital with Chinese medicine in the first place.

He is a patient with nephrotic syndrome from Gansu, and there is swelling in legs, and proteinuria is very serious in life. With the advice, he came to our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for treatment, according to his case, our doctors set up Chinese medicine treatment, after about two weeks’treatment, he is getting much better, proteinuria becomes negative gradually, and swelling gets disappeared well finally. He is very happy and satisfied with the results of Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital.

Chinese medicine systematic in our hospital is used to treat kidney disease for many years in clinic, and great effects are developed on patients with kidney disease. It consists of many kinds of therapies: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Medicated Bath, Acupuncture Therapy, Enema Therapy, and so on. They are very easy and simple to operate on patients with kidney disease. Thus, it is wise that patients with nephrotic syndrome to choose Chinese medicine treatment, which can treat protein in urine and swelling for patients very well. If you get any question or need any help, be free to contact us freely, it is a pleasure that we an help you. Our hospital is focusing on treating kidney disease for many years, which achieves great success on patients. We get professional experts of kidney disease here with advanced instrument for kidney disease. Besides, we get international department in our hospital, by far there are thousands of foreign patients with kidney disease being treated in our hospital, and we get professional interpreters and patients from many different countries do not need to worry life here.

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Our Treatment Effect

Swelling is an obvious sign of Nephrotic Syndrome

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture Swelling is an obvious sign of Nephrotic Syndrome

Look, this patient has severe leg swelling which has made her feel pain and can not get out of the bed. In order to seek better treatment, she came to our hospital for Chinese medicine treatments. 30kg of fluid was removed from her body in less than a month. Her leg swelling disappeared completely. Now you can see her long legs again.

Proteinuria can also be seen in kidney patients

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture Proteinuria can also be seen in kidney patients

Look, this patient has severe proteinuria when he just came to our hospital. With our Chinese medicine treatments, his condition was better and better. Bubbles in urine gradually reduced and finally disappeared in 10 days of treatment.

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