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Proteinuria 2+ Not Controlled for 7 Years, Chinese Treatment Help Reuduce to ±

2016-05-04 09:02

Proteinuria 2+ Not Controlled for 7 Years, Chinese Treatment Help Reuduce to ±Proreinuria is one of the common symptom in kidney patients, although patients have no severe symptoms with the leakage out of protein in urine. But the long term unwell controlled proteinuria can lead to further kidney damage. In this article, we will tell a patient story: proteinuria 2+ not controlled for 7 years, Chinese medicine treatment help reduce to ±.

Patient name is Xiao Liu. Since 7 years ago, he got the proteinuria, and took treatment with steroids. However, although he kept consist treatment, his proteinuria still not reduced, always as high as 2+. In order to get systematic treatment, he decided to come to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital to get the systematic Chinese medicine treatment.

In our hospital, we use the traditional Chinese medicine treatment to treat the proteinuria. First, we will give the special Chinese therapies to dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation, which can increase the blood flow and discharge more toxins and wastes out from blood. the featured treatment includes Foot Bath Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Enema Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, etc. Then we will give the Maikang Mixture and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to help regulate the immune system and repair the damaged kidney tissues. Then the kidney function can be improved and the kidneys can work well again.

Xiao Liu took the systematic Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital for several weeks, and our experts will change the treatment plan with the improvements of his condition. When he got discharged from our hospital, his proteinuria reduced to ±. He was so glad to see the curative effects.
Proteinuria 2+ Not Controlled for 7 Years, Chinese Treatment Help Reuduce to ±

Different from steroid treatment, the Chinese medicine treatment is mainly used to regulate the immune system in whole body, and then restore the kidney function. So it is more natural and fundamental, which can help stop the proteinuria from root. If you want to learn more details of the treatment for proteinuria in our SHIJIAZHUANG KIDNEY DISEASE HOSPITAL, you can leave a message below, or you can also send e-mail to kidneycares@hotmail.com, we can give more help.

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Our Treatment Effect

Swelling is an obvious sign of Nephrotic Syndrome

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture Swelling is an obvious sign of Nephrotic Syndrome

Look, this patient has severe leg swelling which has made her feel pain and can not get out of the bed. In order to seek better treatment, she came to our hospital for Chinese medicine treatments. 30kg of fluid was removed from her body in less than a month. Her leg swelling disappeared completely. Now you can see her long legs again.

Proteinuria can also be seen in kidney patients

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture Proteinuria can also be seen in kidney patients

Look, this patient has severe proteinuria when he just came to our hospital. With our Chinese medicine treatments, his condition was better and better. Bubbles in urine gradually reduced and finally disappeared in 10 days of treatment.

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