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How to Control Edema for Hypertensive Nephropathy

2016-03-25 02:07

How to Control Edema for Hypertensive Nephropathy Edema is caused because much water or fluids build up in body, in this way, edema can happen in face, eyes or ankles. Hypertensive nephropathy can damage kidney, which can make kidney function decline gradually. In this way, fluids can not be removed well through urine. How to control edema for hypertensive nephropathy well?

Repairing kidney damage and recovering kidney function can make patients with hypertensive nephropathy treat edema very effectively. Chinese medicine is a good option, which can achieve this goal very well. Chinese medicine can improve kidney by promoting blood circulation, dilating blood vessels, enhancing immunity, preventing inflammation, degrading fibrosis, etc. kidney can be recovered from the root. Therefore, kidney can eliminate much fluids from body through urine, alleviating symptom of edema for hypertensive nephropathy.

Chinese medicine can treat kidney disease fundamentally, which is focusing on improving kidney and repairing damaged tissues and cells, in this way, kidney function will revive gradually by the time. For those Western medicine, they are only concentrating on symptoms, and can not solve problems from the root. This is the very great difference between Chinese medicine and others. This is also why patients with kidney disease should choose Chinese medicine treatment. Great effects will be developed. Patients can have a better and longer life.

Chinese medicine is a systematic and herbal treatment for kidney disease, which consist of a series of therapies like Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath, Acupuncture Therapy, or Medicated Bath, etc. kidney can be promoted to remove wastes and fluids from body through urine. Chinese medicine is the very characteristic treatment in our Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. If you have any question or need any help, leave a message for us or contact our online doctors anytime, reply will be given for you in detail very fast.

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