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Why Kids Tend To Suffer From Nephrotic Syndrome

2015-06-03 10:46

Why Kids Tend To Suffer From Nephrotic SyndromeWith the increase of Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) patients, more and more kids are the victims of nephrotic syndrome. In order to avoid kids being hurt, parents should take relevant prevention and treatment in daily life.

Why kids tend to suffer from kidney disease?

1. Respiratory tract infection

Since kids are not completely physical growth and their immunity is not strong as well as adults’, they are susceptible to respiratory illness like cold, acute pharyngitis and tonsillitis, etc. Under this condition, if patients do not pay attention and arrange treatment for their kids, nephrotic syndrome after some time can be triggered. Generally speaking, early symptoms include swelling, proteinuria and hypoproteinemia. Boys are more easily to suffer from this disease than girls. And this disease has a risk for relapse.

2. Their bodies are weaker.

Their bodies and resistance are both weaker so kids are easily attacked by bacteria and virus. Due to less immune cells or immune cells combining virus to form immune complexes, immune complexes will enter the blood flow and come to kidneys with blood circulation. Glomerular will filter them and make them deposit in basement membrane. Gradually this will cause a great damage on kidneys and cause massive protein loss. Finally nephrotic syndrome occurs.

How to treat nephrotic syndrome in kids?

Therapeutic effect is affected by three aspects:

Whether the treatment method on kids is scientific and reasonable

The treatment is also affected by kids’ attitude towards the disease.

Whether nursing guidance outside hospital is reasonable and timely.

In China, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital meets the above three requirement and helps more and more kids with nephrotic syndrome relieve their pain. If you want to learn more information about this hospital, you can leave a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor directly.

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