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I Get A Good Improvement With Glomerulonephritis In This Hospital

2019-02-23 11:30

I come to Kidney Disease Hospital, China for treatment. Here I get a great improvement. This hospital does not let me down. The following is my treatment experience.

12 years ago, in a physical examination, the result showed that there was protein 1+ in my urine. I was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis. I was hospitalized for treatment. After taking western medicines for about 1 years, my protein was still fluctuating between 1+ and 3+. When seeing the result of western medicines was not good, I stopped them by myself. Later on, I accepted Chinese medicine treatments in my local city. I took oral Chinese medicine soup for 11 years. The protein was 3+. Her condition became bad instead of getting better. I lost confidence to such treatment and then I left the hospital.
I Get A Good Improvement With Glomerulonephritis In This HospitalI Get A Good Improvement With Glomerulonephritis In This Hospital

After nosing about better treatment, a patient introduced me to have a try in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. I began to search information about this hospital. By chance, a piece of bad news about this hospital entered my sight. I got lost and did not know what to do.

Hope is on the way and I do not like to miss any chance to get recovery. After thinking twice, I still decided to come here for a try. You should experience everything by yourself. Only in this way can you know if it is true or false.

Actually every hospital has more or less bad news. Do not miss any possible chance due to some bad neews. You can come over and have a try. With 15 days of treatment, you can take a recheck up. If the therapeutic effect is not good, you can leave our hospital.

After a serious thought, I decided to have a try with the accompany of my husband.

When I come to this hospital, I took a check up. It showed that my proteinuria was 3+ and 24h urine protein quantity was 0.97g. Besides, there are lots of bacteria in my body due to less water drinking.

The treatments I take here are Medicated Foot Bath, Oral Chinese medicine soup, Hot Compress Therapy and other characteristic therapies. 15 days later, my proteinuria became 1+ and 24h urine protein quantity was 0.44g. I am really happy to get this good result. I will stay for a longer time to consolidate the therapeutic effect.
I Get A Good Improvement With Glomerulonephritis In This HospitalI Get A Good Improvement With Glomerulonephritis In This Hospital

Do not always believe the news in Internet. You should experience it by yourself. If you have any question, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly.

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