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Why Lupus Nephritis Causes High Blood Pressure

2015-04-28 09:05

Why Lupus Nephritis Causes High Blood PressureLupus is an autoimmune disease, which causes your immune system to attack normal and healthy tissues of your body. About one in every three people with lupus will develop a potentially serious kidney disease caused lupus nephritis. More than half of the Lupus nephritis patients have high blood pressure. If left untreated, it can put you at risk of developing life-threatening problems such as a heart attack or stroke. Do you know why Lupus Nephritis causes high blood pressure?

Lupus Nephritis raises blood pressure.

Kidney is not only a blood purification organ. It can also regulate your blood pressure. When your kidney function impairs, sodium and fluid can not be removed from the blood, which raises your blood pressure.

Medications raises blood pressure.

Steroids and immunosuppressants are the common used medications for lupus nephritis patients to block immune reaction so as to reduce its damage to your body. But they have many side effects, one of which is raised blood pressure.

How to treat high blood pressure caused by lupus nephritis?

Lupus nephritis patients should pay attention to antihypertensives, because most antihypertensives can active your lupus nephritis and speed up kidney failure. When you have to use those medications, you may have to increase the dosage of steroids. This depends on your medical condition.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we often use Immunotherapy to treat lupus nephritis. This therapy can not only block immune reaction, but also cleanse immune complexes in the blood and kidneys so as to reduce inflammation. Besides, they can increase your kidneys’ tolerance to immune complexes so as to prevent further inflammation. And they can set up a good blood environment to help the damaged kidneys repair themselves. When your kidneys turn good, your blood pressure can be control easily.

Why Lupus Nephritis causes high blood pressure? After reading this article, I think you have found the answer. If you still have any other questions, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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