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Chronic Renal Failure Patients Should Supplement Calcium Moderately

2016-06-26 03:20

Chronic Renal Failure Patients Should Supplement Calcium ModeratelyChronic renal failure patients should supplement calcium moderately. Once you are diagnosed with kidney failure, you will suffer from many serious symptoms. Therefore, you should pay attention to you treatment and daily diet.

Why do kidney failure patients consume calcium?

Damaged kidneys will cause calcium leakage and loss. Since kidney function declines, phosphorus in urine will reduce while phosphorus in blood will increase. This will lead to low calcium in blood. Besides, in kidney failure, there is lack of active vitamin D, which affects the intestinal absorption. This can worsen hypocalcemia. Therefore, calcium supplement can not only prevent itchy skin, convulsion and impotence, but also prevent complications from low calcium in blood such as hyperthyroidism and chronic malnutrition.

How to supplement calcium?

Patients can take some medications to supplement calcium. Also they can supplement calcium through diet. Obviously, dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt are good sources of calcium but there are also some nondairy foods like almonds, dark green vegetables, tofu and canned salmon that contain this important nutrient.

Calcium-fortified foods including some breakfast cereals, orange juice and soy beverages are on additional option.

However, patients with acidosis should be careful when consuming calcium. Because it can cause acute attack and threaten your life when you take alkaline agent to correct acidosis.

Diet is important in kidney failure treatment but it is not radical. The radical treatment for low calcium in blood should improve kidney function. Only in this way can calcium problem be solved. In order to improve kidney function, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital recommends Toxin-Removing Treatment. This therapy cleanses blood first before treating kidney disease. It first removes toxins from your blood and kidney intrinsic cells. Then, injured kidney tissues can get repaired and renal function can get improved in a good blood environment. Toxin-Removing Treatment includes a series of Chinese medicine treatments like Medicated Bath, Medicated Foot Bath, Medicinal Soup, Mai Kang Mixture, Moxibustion Therapy and Steaming Therapy and Enema Therapy, etc. They combine together to improve your renal function and then control your symptoms including low calcium in blood radically. However, this therapy is only available in China. So foreign patients need to come to China for treatment. We have no branches in India or any other countries.

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