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When Do You Have to Start Dialysis for Kidney Failure

2016-05-31 02:16

When Do You Have to Start Dialysis for Kidney Failure In clinic, creatinine level and GFR are usually used to judge how well kidney function works. It is known that dialysis is an option to replace kidney to filter the blood when it progresses into end stage kidney failure. Many patients with kidney failure wonder when to start dialysis, please see the below details.

Generally speaking, when kidney function is less than 15%, dialysis is suggested for patients, which is also meaning GFR is 15. in addition, if creatinine level is over 6, it is also recommended to do dialysis for patients. However, in fact, whether to start dialysis depends on detailed condition of patients. If patients with kidney failure feel well, and symptoms or complications occur slightly, they may do not need dialysis though with very high creatinine level. Otherwise, even if they have creatinine less than 6, but serious complication happen, dialysis can be needed to save life.

In conclusion, no exact answer for when to start dialysis for kidney failure, because every patient differs from one to another. Your specific disease condition makes the final choice for doctors. But for kidney failure, dialysis is not your only and final treatment. Chinese medicine which is a systematic and herbal treatment is your good option, which can make kidney function revive by the time, dialysis can be prevented very effectively for patients.

Chinese medicine consists of a series of therapies, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Omsotherapy, Foot Bath, Acupuncture Therapy, Medicated Bath, Circle Therapy, and so on. Kidney function will be improved very well with Chinese medicine, and they can promote blood circulation, repair kidney damage, prevent inflammation, enhance immunity, degrade fibrosis, etc. this is the very special treatment in our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, if you need any help or have any problem, be free to contact us and we will give you reply very fast in detail.

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