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Diet Principles for Renal Failure Patients

2016-07-06 09:08

Diet Principles for Renal Failure PatientsRenal failure, also known as kidney disease, means the kidneys fail to remove waste products and excess fluid out from blood, which can lead to some severe symptoms. Taking medical treatment is very important for renal failure patients to get a good prognosis. But keeping a good diet is also very important, which can reduce kidney burden and slow down its progression. In the following article, we will introduce the diet principles for renal failure patients.

Here are the diet suggestions advised by doctor in our Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

1. Keep a light diet and avoid spicy and greasy foods

Renal failure patients need to keep a light diet and avoid the spicy and greasy foods, because these foods can stimulate the stomach and intestinal tract, which can increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract, thus can worsen gastric mucosal erosion.

2. Take enough calories

Renal failure patients need to limit the protein intake, in order to avoid the inadequate caloric intake and produce more urea nitrogen in blood, renal failure patients are recommended to take high calorie and low protein foods.

3. Control the fluid intake

Due to the renal failure, kidneys fail to remove the fluid out effectively, thus can cause the fluid retention in body, which can lead to various severe symptoms. So renal failure patients need to limit the fluid intake, and they need to take proper amount of fluid based on their own condition.

4. Limit the salt intake

Damaged kidneys cant secrete fluid and sodium adequately due to renal failure, and it can lead to swelling and worsen high blood pressure, so renal failure patients need to limit the salt intake and avoid the foods high in sodium.

5. Avoid high potassium level in blood

High potassium level in blood can lead to irregular heart beat, heart failure, muscle weakness, fatigue, or even sudden death. So patients need to avoid the foods high in potassium.

6. Keep balance of the calcium and phosphorus

Calcium and phosphorus are important elements in body, which can be good for bones and regulate the nerves and muscles. So renal failure patients also need to regulate the calcium and phosphorus balance by regulating their diet.

Above are some the diet principles for renal failure patients. Since the specific illness condition will be different from case to case, so they’d better make a well planed diet based on their own condition by following the advice of their doctors. If you want to learn more information about diet and treatment for renal failure, you can send email to kidneycares@hotmail.com, or you can also contact with whatsapp +8618330110929. We will do the best to help.

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