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What Treatment Do You Recommend For A Large Kidney Cyst

2015-12-24 08:22

What Treatment Do You Recommend For A Large Kidney CystThe treatment for a large kidney cyst recommended by our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is a herbal-based treatment, called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It can treat kidney cyst effectively and radically. See how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats kidney cyst.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a therapy which makes Chinese medicines into powder.

Then, with the help of effective penetrant fluid and osmosis device, the effective Chinese medicines can come to kidney lesion directly so as to achieve the purpose of treating kidney disease.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy starts from repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells and has obvious curative effects in kidney cyst. It treats large kidney cyst from the following aspects:

1. The active ingredients can reduce the formation of cystic fluid, reduce the pressure on glomerular, renal tubular and renal blood vessels. Besides, it can kill the activity of inflammatory factors in kidney cyst, inhibit the inflammatory reaction and provide a flexible environment to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells.

2. Active ingredients in Micronized Chinese medicines can provide some nutrients for repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells such as vitamin, amino acid, microelement and organic acid. These nutrients can speed up the restoration of injured kidney cells, make kidney intrinsic cells work normally, prevent protein leakage and remove excess creatinine out of the body. Finally, high creatinine level will be reduced to normal range.

3. Micronized Chinese medicines can promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis. When the medicines are absorbed by your kidneys, they help dilate blood vessels in cystic walls, speed up blood circulation in cystic wall, improve the permeability of cystic walls, promote the pressure drop in blood vessels of cystic wall and speed up the re-absorption of fluid in kidney cyst to blood vessels. In this way, large kidney cyst can be shrunk naturally and effectively.

When large kidney cyst is shrunk, relative symptoms like back pain or abdominal pain, blood in urine can be treated well. If you want to know more information about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, you can leave us a message below or email to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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Due to numerous cysts in his kidneys, his renal function has been in end stage. His creatinine level was 945umol/L and the largest cyst in right kidney was 8.5cm. After about one month of treatment in our hospital, his creatinine level was reduced to 632umol/L and the cyst was reduced to 3.5cm. He felt his abdomen is obviously softened and appetite was also improved....

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