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Dialysis,Sick And Diarrhea: What Can I Do To Improve Her Condition

2016-06-10 08:19


Q: My 30 years old wife is on dialysis, and it makes her sick and diarrhea. It is terrible to see her like this. It’s killing me too. What can I do to improve her condition? Please help us



Dialysis,Sick And Diarrhea: What Can I Do To Improve Her ConditionHi, dear friend:

It is our pleasure to get your e-mail from our mail box, kidneycares@hotmail.com, and we will do the best to help.

You said your lovely wife is on dialysis, and it makes her sick with diarrhea. In fact, diarrhea and sickness are common problems for dialysis patients, which can be caused by many factors. For her case, on one hand, she needs to take treatment to control symptoms, and on the other hand, she need take treatment to repair kidneys as much as possible.

In our hospital, we can help her improve her kidney function through special Chinese medicine treatment.

Our hospital is the Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, which is a kidney disease specialized hospital, it has more than 30 years history in treating all kinds of kidney diseases. Most important, the treatment is special Chinese medicine treatment, which is more natural and can restore the kidney function from root.

For your wife’s condition, we suggest the "Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment, it includes four main therapies, Maikang Mixture, Medicinal Soup, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy.

Here are the functions of taking the "Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment for your wife.

1. Discharge the toxins and wastes out from her blood with dilation of blood vessels and improved blood circulation, thus can help purify the blood and supply many essential elements to kidneys.

2. With the increased blood volume into kidneys, it can bring more nutrition and oxygen to kidneys, which can improve the self-healing ability of inherent renal cells and improve the kidney function effectively.

3. The systematic Chinese medicine treatment can also help regulate the immune system and strengthen the immunity, which can prevent inflammations in kidneys. It can prevent further kidney damage and protect the kidneys effectively.

Through systematic treatment, her kidney function can be improved, and she can reduce the frequency of dialysis or even stop dialysis. We believe she can become much energetic and live a better life. If you want to get the systematic treatment, you need to come to China, because these therapies are only available in China now. Any more questions? You can reply the e-mail, or you can also ask online doctor for free help.

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