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PKD, Dialysis, Breathing Problems: What to Do

2016-02-26 07:52


Hi. I am male, age 50 and in very good physical condition. I have PKD and on dialysis 2 years now. I am having problems with breathing. Please advice.


PKD, Dialysis, Breathing Problems: What to DoPolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a kidney disorder in which abnormal cysts develop and grow in the kidneys. The size of the cysts will increase with every passing day. The enlarged cysts will compress the kidneys and cause kidney damage. You said you have been on dialysis for 2 years, from which we can judge that your kidneys have been severely damaged.

First of all, you should find out what on earth causes difficulty breathing problems for you.

-Due to inadequate dialysis, improper fluid restriction and uncontrolled blood pressure, it is likely to have heart failure, pericardial effusion, pulmonary edema and pleural effusion so as to affect your breathing.

-Pernicious anemia is a common complication of dialysis. When there are not enough red blood cells to transport to lung, you have difficulty in breathing.

As long as you find out the underlying causes, you can suit the remedy to the case, for example, to do dialysis adequately, regulate fluid intake, stabilize blood pressure, remove excess fluid from body, etc.

Fundamental way to solve breathing problems for PKD

The above treatment can only help you solve breathing problems temporarily. The root cause of breathing problem is kidney damage. Dialysis can help you remove wastes from the blood, but it can not repair the damaged kidneys, nor control the growth of cysts, so it is not beneficial in the long run. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we develop a set of comprehensive treatment—Blood Pollution Therapy. The whole process of Blood Pollution Therapy is classified into three parts.

1. Combined methods to cleanse the blood. It can not only filter micromolecule wastes like dialysis, but also other wastes. Besides, it can remove stasis to ensure that blood circulation is smooth in the kidney.

2. Element supplement. It is to provide the damaged kidneys with essential elements to help them heal.

3. Rebuilding of kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is used to stop the growth of cysts and shrink them. Stem Cell Therapy may be used to help you rebuild the structure of kidneys.

After a period of treatment, you will see there is great improvement in your medical conditions and your living quality. If you have good response on our treatment, it is likely for you to reduce dialysis frequency or get rid of it.

Now you have a clear mind on breathing problems for PKD patients on dialysis. If you want to get some personalized guidance on PKD treatment, please leave a message below or send emails to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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