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Western Medicines Or Chinese Medicines For IgA Nephropathy

2015-08-06 09:03

Western Medicines Or Chinese Medicines For IgA NephropathyIgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune disorder. Generally speaking, patients will suffer from microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria and sometimes mild proteinuria. At present, there are western medicines and Chinese medicines for IgA Nephropathy. Well then, which one is better for IgA Nephropathy?

In western medicines, in most cases steroid therapy is used. The aim of steroid therapy is to control protein in urine, occult blood. But at the same time it makes harmful substances or immune complexes deposit in glomerulus. On the surface, urine test shows normal and illness condition seems improved. Actually since harmful substances and immune complexes cannot be removed from the body and accumulate in the kidney, gradually they will damage renal parenchyma and worsen kidney condition. Finally uremia will occur. Under this condition, it increases the difficulty of treatment.

Judging from the present condition, Chinese medicine treatment is the most therapy for IgA Nephropathy. Chinese medicines can repair injured kidney tissues and reduce the leakage of protein and red blood cells. In this way, proteinuria and blood in urine will disappear naturally.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital can make active ingredients in Chinese medicines come to kidney lesion directly via an osmosis device and patient’s own skin. The medicines can speed up the metabolism and restoration of kidneys, remove harmful substances so as to recover kidney function from the root. Dialysis and kidney transplant can be put off or even be avoided when kidney function is improved.

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